We are blessed by our heritage

Generations ago this land was logged.

In Shasta Camp's early days, evidences such as the remains of a donkey engine used to load logs were not uncommon, Now, only the occasional cable fragment bears testimony.

The forest has grown back and replenished itself to the point that the untrained eye is not aware that it was ever harvested.  Many say that if allowed, it will do the same for you.

Several years ago young campers discovered a wooden sign fastened with cast nails sporting an Indian Head Penny stating, "Shasta Camp  ... 1903",

Is this, what we enjoy, our forebearers' manifestation? 


UM Shasta Camp has a tradition of service, fellowship and connection that stretches five generations in some cases. Hartzell Buckner so loved this place that he was known as "Mr. Shasta Camp".  In recognition of his devotion, our lodge bears his name.

In 1993, the Care-a-Vaners came to Camp in late spring to make Shasta Camp ready for the coming season.  That  fall, they prepared the Camp for the winter ahead.  The Care-A-Vaners faithfully return each year performing a myriad of maintenance and construction projects.  Thus old friendships are renewed and new ones made.

Interested in becoming a Care-A-Vaner? Contact Camp staff or click on VIM.



The early structures of Shasta Camp were built by campers. These buildings were somewhat ramshackle.   Later, buildings were constructed to a higher standard but not to modern code.  Two of these building collapsed under the weight of heavy snow and three buildings have been claimed by fire.  However, the keepers of  UM Shasta Camp have  not been deterred.  Camp facilities have been replaced and new structures built to code. Improvements continue to be made and campers continue to come, most in the summer, but some hardy souls in the winter too.



Stewardship is more than not littering or letting water flow down the drain needlessly.

Stewardship is what our faith and fidelity lead us to.  It is in our mission statement,  To that end we embrace the conservation of resources and respect the ecology of our forest. We enjoy and revere this remarkable piece of the world and take responsibility for it's future through our behavior in the present.   As part of that ethos, in the fall of 2016,  UM Shasta Camp installed a solar garden deigned to provide most of the electrical needs of the Camp. The permitting  process was lengthy and required dedication and innovation. The end result was a design of modest  footprint that can serve as a model for other sites wanting solar power on sensitive landscapes.

Stewardship is more than swapping out incandescents for LEDs.

We honor our spiritual environment as well.   Our hope for Shasta Camp is that here your spirit will connect with  its Creator. 


This is who we are

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In every way and everywhere we accept this with all gratitude.
— Acts 24:3