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There are dozens of campsites at Shasta Camp, most of which are not clearly delineated. Many of them are clustered and suited to sizable groups. Others are more isolated and closer to the wilderness. We can accommodate around 10 RVs or trailers.  The RV sites are basically parking spaces on the outside of the loop that defines the camp core.   There are more places to pitch a tent than there are picnic tables.

Shasta Camp has a fire permit that allows for camp fires in two designated fire circles. There are three simple rules for guests.  

  1. No campfire is allowed without the caretaker's knowledge and permission
  2. There must be a responsible grownup attending the fire at all times, until it is dead out (meaning no embers, no smoke and no heat warmth from the pit).
  3. The entire fire (fuel and flames) should be able to fit in a 4' cube.

Except for the wintry months when a hard freeze can be expected; hot showers, flush toilets, and potable water are provided.  Campers are asked to pack out their trash and mindfully leave the camp "crumb clean". especially regarding food. We want Shasta Camp to be a great place, but not one  preferred rodents and bears find welcoming and affirming.  The camp can supply you with a trash bag if needed  and can take it to the dump for $5 per trash bag.

Camping at Shasta Camp is usually available to the public when the camp is not hosting a formal event. Such events limit casual camping opportunities especially in the summer.

Check the "Calendar" and contact the Camp for availability.