Hartzell Buckner Lodge

Hartzell Buckner Lodge is a two-story lodge equipped with a modern kitchen, two full bathrooms, two large dormitory rooms upstairs, two bedrooms downstairs, and a great room with a cast iron wood stove.  The 600 SF deck on the north side of the lodge has one of the camp's best views of Mount Shasta. 

The Lodge has a small library and a large collection of board games. It comes equipped with paper goods, cleaning supplies, 19 Timber Ridge lounging cots, two double beds and two single hide-a-beds.  An abundant supply of firewood and kindling is in the adjacent wood shed.

 Hartzell Buckner Lodge is available year round.  Whenever you visit, you will need to bring your own towels and bedding.

During the summer and early fall, Buckner Lodge is often reserved as a headquarters in support of a greater camp booking such as a wedding or conference. 

The winter experience is more "rustic" and most often reserved by those who want an immersive winter experience. There can be difficulties getting to the lodge and there is no running water.  But those who choose a winter stay can be rewarded with an extraordinary landscape of  breath taking beauty.